Saturday, December 2, 2006

My email this morning to the pflag-all email list: Friends of PFLAG Steve Schalchlin and Jim Brochu have opened a new play in NYC to rave reviews

Hi everyone

Steve Schalchlin and his partner Jim Brochu - have opened a new play off-Broadway in New York City to rave reviews: “The Big Voice: God or Merman?”

Some of you may remember that an earlier musical of theirs, "The Last Session" was recognized with many awards including PFLAG-LA's Oscar Wilde Award for promoting understanding through the arts and Outstanding Los Angeles Theatre Production by GLAAD Media Awards.

Here are some reviews of "The Big Voice":
Jim Brochu, left, and Steve Schalchlin in “The Big Voice: God or Merman?,” a musical that chronicles their meeting and relationship. ... A Musical Attempt to Share Some Secrets of True Love ~ New York Times ~ December 2, 2006

Still, the literal translation of "diva" is "goddess." So the title of Jim Brochu and Steve Schalchlin's musical two-hander The Big Voice: God or Merman? ... The Big Voice: God or Merman? ~ ~ New York, NY ~ Dec 1, 2006

A Murphy Cross, Paul Kreppel, Edmund Gaynes, BarBar Prods. presentation of a musical in two acts written and performed by Jim Brochu and Steve Schalchlin. ... The Big Voice: God or Merman? ~ Variety ~ Nov. 30, 2006

Jim Brochu has also written and performed in a one man show about Zero Mostel, "Zero Hour"

You can also follow Steve and Jimmy's lives and adventures in Steve's blog: "Living In The Bonus Round - where time speeds up and the prizes are better." where he has written and YouTube video diary entries, and a special ticket discount for those of you lucky enough to see the show. I saw "The Last Session" and I know you won't be disappointed in anything they do.



12/04/06 reply to Avalon's comment:

I'm sorry if the quotes I used made the show sound tepid. I know it isn't.

Here is another review:
Partners in life as well as in stage and song, Jim Brochu and Steve Schalchlin have made fantastic theater out of the drama of their lives with the autobiographical musical The Big Voice: God or Merman?
The Merman Temple - The ministry of showbiz versus the showbiz of ministry by Joseph Mccombs ~ Village Voice - New York, NY ~ December 4th, 2006

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Avalon said...

It's great you're getting the word around about this marvelous show. You have good taste! One small, friendly tip: As you point out, the guys have gotten almost all rave reviews, but the excerpts on your page don't really reflect that--they actually make things sound kind of tepid. It would be easy to choose phrases that better convey the tone of the reviews (and without any of the cheating/shennanigans often used in ads to twist lousy reviews into sounding positive). Thanks!