Saturday, May 31, 2008

a short webspinner rant and a cool resource ...

Okay, once in a while I get to rant about something that may seem a bit silly to some people and quite obvious to some people but I'm going to do it anyway.

Today when I was updating some links on my resource pages and the Safe Schools Coalition resource pages I found that many people didn't put an automatic forward on an old page to a new url.

Or they did forward it, but only to someplace like their homepage. In either case I had to spend precious time searching for the document.

Yes my time is precious. So is yours.

Sometimes I found the moved or renamed resource, and sometimes I gave up and deleted the information and the link.

Oh well. I may have lost some good resources because of that.

And some of the changes were to new ridiculously long urls. Yikes! I don't understand. Yeah I know some people may be using database generated web pages or something else that names these things but please consider doing something different.

There are two problems I have with these convoluted mish-mash urls. If someone actually has to eyeball the thing and manually type out the mixture of mostly nonsense letters numbers and symbols - rather than click on a text link or an image map link - then it is asking for more patience and accuracy than I possess to get it right so they find the page. Or if it is pasted into an email and the link is broken into more than one line as frequently happens, it very often becomes unusable and you lose them.

There are services online that will make short urls out of long ones and redirect for you.

But much of the time the reason for all the extra code seems to be for some tracking purpose so they know where you clicked from.

I am not amused. To me this is sloppy web design and I hope those who use it will consider cleaning up their acts! Please!


And now for something a bit more fun.

When I met Alec in New York all those years ago he was doing little crayon drawings and giving them away. I still have mine.

Check out this List of Crayola crayon colors from Wikipedia.

If you scroll down you will get the colors in alphabetical order with names like Tumbleweed, Shadow, Outer Space, Mauvelous, Macaroni and Cheese, Inch Worm, Best Friends, and Atomic Tangerine - and HTML color codes included for you designers.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Campaign 2008 Satire

Red State Update
Be sure you have your speakers on.
It may take a while to load as it is almost a two minute video.
But it is worth the wait.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The politics of comparing apples and oranges when they are both in the bowl

Some of Hillary Clinton's supporters are making claims that the reason she is not doing well in her run for president is sexism and misogyny - that people do not support her because she is a woman.

Misogyny certainly exists, and denying that would be as nuts and out of touch with reality as saying racism doesn't exist.

As a second generation feminist, the reasons I don't support Clinton are not about her being a woman or because she is white, just as the reasons I do support Obama are not because he is a man or because he is black. It's because he seems the best candidate for the job of leading this country that we have running at this time with any chance of getting elected.

Being a feminist means I believe in
equality for women, which means I'll vote for the PERSON who I believe is most qualified for the job.

As you may recall, Dennis Kucinich was my first choice. A white man.

Speaking of white men, John McCain scares me and I would never
vote for him. I don't understand people who support Clinton or Obama saying if their candidate doesn't get the nomination they will vote for McCain. I think that is beyond wacky.

After a
May 19th ABC News article Obama Warns GOP "Lay Off My Wife" by IMAEYEN IBANGA there was a comment by someone identified as I.B. FRANK:
If she is campaigning for her husband then she is open to any opinion from any other candidate. If Obama wants his wife to be free from verbal attacks then she needs to go home and mind the kids and stay out of politics.
Now who is the victim of sexism?

In the middle of her excellent
May 19, 2008 post, When crying "MISOGYNY" becomes a campaign strategy, Liza Sabater, founder and lead writer of culturekitchen writes:
Yet what about the other women in this race? What about the "Stepford wifing" of Cindy McCain or the "angry ungratefulness" of Michelle Obama?

The other night, while dining with some fellow Black and Asian bloggers we were talking about this. We all agreed misogyny was half of the story because we all were too aware of the racist misogyny thrown Michelle Obama's way.

Where is the outrage whenever there's someone turning Michelle Obama into an ungrateful bitch who is nothing but another antipatriotic negro like Jeremiah Wright?

Oops, no time for that.
Liza Sabater ends then with a powerful set of questions.
Don't miss it...
When crying "MISOGYNY" becomes a campaign strategy

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lynda Barry and Kenneth Patchen

Lynda Barry lived in Olympia for a time and started cartooning at Evergreen State College in 1977, a little over a decade before I was there.

Take time to watch Lynda Barry on Her Writing Process
The writer discusses her class and her book, “What It Is.”
The New York Times > Arts > Interactive Feature > May 11, 2008

There are 116 stories in the Lynda Barry archive on

The way Barry works with images and words in her new book reminds me of Kenneth Patchen whose work I have loved for a very long time. See his wonderful Painted Picture Poems and read Kenneth Patchen Survey.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some thoughts before Mother's Day

PFLAG-Olympia meets on Sunday. See you there?

Yay! Noel is coming home for a couple of days on Monday which will be cool.

Here's a good article on coming out, which I commented on at the Bilerico site: I'm Not Out. But, Ya know, They Know
by Eric Leven ~ May 8, 2008 ~ The Bilerico Project

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thirteen years

Yes its another anniversary. Bill died thirteen years ago. Thank you to all of you who remembered and to all of you who are out there doing things to turn hate to love, acceptance and celebration. Every thing we do counts.

I've just helped put two new blogs are online and I wanted to mention them here because they are for organizations that are doing just that. Please check them out, subscribe, and consider becoming a contributor to them:
PFLAG-Olympia'a Blog
Safe Schools Coalition Blog

PFLAG's request for contributor writers is at the top of the blog, and here is what Safe Schools Coalition sent out today:
EXCITING news: Safe Schools Coalition has a blog! HELP NEEDED: Join the team of bloggers!

CHECK IT OUT: We are very excited to announce that Safe Schools Coalition now has a blog. We envision this is a way to make the Coalition a more interactive online community. It is at

SUBSCRIBE: You can subscribe to the blog. Postings will be emailed to you so you won't miss anything and won't have to remember to check the site. The subscription form is on the blog - you will have to reply to a confirmation email.

APPLY TO JOIN THE TEAM OF BLOGGERS: Do you like to write about LGBTQ-safe-schools issues? We are looking for people who would be interested in becoming contributor/ authors on the blog. We want this to be a group of people of diverse ages, positions, and backgrounds and from all over the country and the world. If you work with a member organization or are an ally who has a connection and interest in the mission of Safe Schools Coalition and the work we do, please consider applying to be a team member. If you've never blogged before, it's really very easy. We can help get you started. Contributors will need to have a Google account or a gmail account. We have some guidelines about what we can do on the blog because of confidentiality issues, copyright law and our non-profit status, and we will follow the's Terms of Service. If you are interested, we need a short bio, what your interests are, and two samples of your writing (no more than 300 words each). Write to us at

TALK BACK: In addition to the blog's contributors, anyone can comment on the blog posts, and we hope this will happen to make this an active online community.