Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exciting event! A Reading of Alec's Screenplay.

The staged reading of Alec's screenplay “The Backside of Nowhere” based on the book by the same title is

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
7:30pm - 9:30pm.
Lakewood Playhouse
5729 Lakewood Towne Center Blvd.
Lakewood, Washington

It is a one night only free event.

The screenplay is for a full length feature film.

It is being directed by Scott C. Brown and features a dozen of the best actors in the South Puget Sound region.

The cast:
  • Scott C. Brown - Pops Lawrence / Fat Man
  • Deya Ozburn - Melissa Baker / Young Melissa / Teen Girl #1
  • Mark Peterson - Murabbi "Freight Train" Taylor / Cop / Reporter
  • Elliot Weiner - Man #1 / Player #1 / Announcer-News Anchor / Doc Duval
  • Chris Cantrell - Man #2 / Player #2 / Sheriff Randy Moss / Young Randy
  • Jenifer Rifenbery - Woman #1 / Bar Girl / Jasmine Jones / Teen Girl #2 / Nurse
  • Alex Smith - Young Man / Guard / Weatherman Donny / Bo Bergeron
  • Bryan Bender - David Lawrence / Young David
  • Christine Goode - Mary Beaudreau / Young Mary / Nurse #2
  • Jennie Jenks - Sue Ellen Patterson
  • Syra Puett - Shelly Lawrence
  • Luke Amundson - Narrator
Here are a few video clips from the first run-thru on 05-22-11:

photos from that first rehearsal.

See more about the book here:

The Backside of Nowhere

Alec's blog post about it here:
First run-thru

Lakewood Playhouse

Join us!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011. Bittersweet.

Today is a bittersweet Mothers’ Day.
Bitter because THIS is the year I found out some of how much my Mother lied before her death in 1990. They were big lies. Giant lies. Its complicated and I am still learning and sorting it out and probably will be for a long time. Complicated too because as difficult as she was to love even before I knew the extent of her betrayals, I was also proud of her for many things - for her activism for peace, civil rights and much more. These truths are painful, and still I would rather know them than live with fraud and hypocrisy. That is not courage, it is survival because the truth makes unfortunate sense out of the scrambled bits of memories that never made sense before.

Bitter also this is the 16th anniversary of the day our son Bill committed suicide. It has never fallen on Mother’s Day before that I can remember. Ouch. The anniversary is always a hard but falling on a Mother’s Day makes it even more difficult.

Sweet because of Noel. No mother could be more proud of a child or more happy with him and for him. Noel, I thank you and celebrate YOU on this day for all you are. Lucky am I to have you in my life.