Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am begging the US Ambassador to Uganda for help for Andrew Waiswa - and for help from all

I want to share an email I sent to US Ambassador to Uganda Scott H. DeLisi this afternoon. It is asking for help for one gay man in Uganda although I know there are thousands. Although I have never met Andrew in person, we have become friends online and I have a deep respect and love for this man and the work he has been doing. I am sharing in hope that others will help also. Thanks, Gabi

Subject:     Please help Andrew Waiswa in --- , Uganda.
--- Date:     Thu, 20 Mar 2014 13:57:10 -0700
From:     Gabi Clayton
To:     KampalaWebContact @ state dot gov

Dear Ambassador LeLisi,
We connected on Facebook and I have that pasted below.

My friend Andrew Waiswa in Jinja, Uganda is in very serious danger. I know many people there are who are gay as he is, but he is the person I made a connection with online.

--- was a refugee in Canada and went home to Uganda to help. Now his life is in jeopardy.

He just posted:

I know I will be jailed for seven years, but I can't risk to be lynched by the local mobs and gangs I can easily die if I make any mistake of showing out my face, so am considering to handle over my self to the police, be taken to court and sentenced, if am lucky I will only get 7yrs! If I don't get financial help to get out of Uganda ASAP am taking chances with the police and the Ugandan courts
Here is our contact via Facebook which has a link to my blog posting about him which has a lot more information.


Gabi Clayton to ‎Scott H. DeLisi
March 4 at 9:24am

Ambassador DeLisi, I am an American citizen in Olympia Washington, and among other things I am mother of a wonderful son who committed suicide after a gay bashing here in 1995 when he was 17.
I am very concerned about the safety of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people of Uganda now. Please do what you can to help them and get them asylum and safe passage out of Uganda. Their lives and at stake!

I have been posting on my blog here:
Thank you.
Gabi Clayton ~ inside the outsider . . .: Please support the work of Andrew Waiswa and



Scott H. DeLisi 
March 16 at 12:35am
Ms. Clayton. Sorry to be slow to respond. I was traveling to and in the US to discuss exactly these issues. We remain strongly committed not only to issues of LGBTI equality but to fighting for the protection of LGBTI cirtizens at risk of harm because of their sexual orientation. This is a commitment about which President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and many others among our senior leaders feel strongly, I can promise you.

Gabi Clayton 
March 16 at 12:35am
Ambassador DeLisi, I very much appreciate your response, your service, and the support of you, President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the others. Please see if there can be direct assistance for Andrew and the others there as I remain so afraid for their lives. Thank you.

--- And today March 20th I posted:

Gabi Clayton

Ambassador DeLisi, my friend Andrew Waiswa in Jinja, Uganda posted as --- today:
"For the last many years, I have been begging and appealing you to stand with me to provide for the LGBT Individuals at risk in Jinja Uganda, now its me who is at immediate danger! I want your help friends. Please consider a small. Contribution to help me leave ASAP. Yes am also now in hiding and its not safe. I don't want to be killed, help me" Andrew Waiswa
He is in grave danger. Is there something you/we can do to help him get out of the country?


[In my email to Ambassador DeLisi, I continued:]

I know this is something you care about as does President Obama, Secretary Kerry and others.

This man put his life on the line to do good. He can do much more but not if he in prison for being gay or killed because of it.

I am asking for action.
Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Gabi Clayton

Gabi Clayton
Olympia, Washington

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Thank you,

P.S. One more thing (for now):
Regarding my friend Andrew in Uganda, I have never met him in person. For those of you who don't think an online friendship can be real, consider mine with Steve Schalchlin which changed my life way before I was able to meet him in person.

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