Sunday, March 30, 2014

Update from --- and Andrew Waiswa

Andrew Waiswa was able to get out of Uganda and is in Nairobi, Kenya now waiting for the Canadian embassy to verify his travel documents and identity. Then he will be able to fly to Toronto as a refugee. 

Note: If this is new information to you, read the two previous posts on my blog.

On March 4 Andrew wrote: 

Uganda is no longer our home..... You can still sponsor a kuchu out of Jinja Uganda, its time for faith and action - let us not wait till its too late...
On Friday, March 28 --- (probably Andrew) posted:
This morning the Netherlands Embassy once again did it for us, it gave one of our client a visitor's visa to the Netherlands. He is called Nyeko Michael 26yrs T. Please support Nyeko to escape this hell and suffering in Uganda, you can contribute to his flight ticket to Netherlands so he can start a new life
Yesterday, March 29, --- posted:
Through an arranged program, --- is helping her LGBTq Clients out of Uganda to go and seek asylum in other welcoming Western Countries. ---has 73 verified cases of LGBTq Individuals at immediate risk and danger that have to get out of Uganda ASAP. Here is a cost breakdown, for those who want to sponsor a gay person out of Uganda.
Transportation to Nairobi Kenya - $35 US Dollars
Logistics, food supplies, accommodation and stay for the individual as he waits approval 2-4weeks - $283 US Dollars
Passport - $60 US Dollars
Visa Application fees - $ 71 to $150 US Dollars (Depending on the Embassy)
Please help. 

Donations can be made---

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