Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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---- wrote 18 hours ago:
"Thanks to your prayers, solidarity, love, support and faith...Andrew is now still receiving treatment and medication!!! However, its heartbreaking that --- is still stuck in Uganda, her hunters and the homophobic haters are looking for her, if they land their hands onto her she will stoned to death the mob. So far we have raised $324 for her Airticket and more is still needed ASAP"
About an hour ago ---- wrote:
"The police have intensified their search for ---. All she needs now is a top up on her flight ticket out of Uganda. She needs $691 and some pocket money. "Meanwhile --- has been forced to close down our offices and one volunteer has been arrested. We are stuck with 13 people in Malaba and have insufficient resources to get them out. We need $865 for immediate need. Please stand with us to help get LGBTQ Individuals safely out of Jinja Uganda.
One of our supporters and partner in solidarity offered to help us fundraise by allowing us to use her paypal account which is interlinked with our You can read more about Kristy on She is a photojournalist and has worked in Africa. We get the money directly within minutes of your donating. For comments and more information please contact us on --- or inbox us in fb."
Information about Andrew is in posts below. RE --- if you don't know who she is, here is an April 6 post by ----:
URGENT: ---  26yrs old has been an LGBTq Volunteer with --- in HIV/AIDS Program since 2008. On Tuesday she was exposed on over 6 FM Radio Stations in Jinja. Since she has been outed, she has been attacked several times, escaped 3 arrests and she is on the run. --- has been having a Visa to Canada for some time and now she is appealing to your our friends to make contributions towards her airticket. Please make a donation if you can and willing. She needs $1.025 to make it to Montreal Canada ASAP."
For more information about --- and Andrew Waiswa, see other posts on my blog:
I will have more information soon about this work to save LGBTQ people in Uganda which I will post as soon as I can. You can subscribe to get my posts via email. See the form for that on the right side of the page.

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